About Us

About Shanghai Strong Magnets & Metals

Shanghai Strong Magnets & Metals Industrial and Commercial Co., Ltd. located in Shanghai China, specializing in integrating design, production, retail packaging and logistics.

We have earned a high reputation amongst our clients. Our company has developed and manufactured a series of high quality, indispensable, and functional metal materials. Our products are widely used in aeronautics, national defense, automobile industry, electronics, household appliances, medical equipment and more!

Our products can be designed and manufactured to meet the clients' design requirements. We are always open to taking on new and challenging projects. Our products and service are the right choice!

Eric Castro: Head of Global Sales

Eric Castro, head of global sales, ensures that our clients receive quality products at a competitive price. Located in Dallas, Texas, Eric is conveniently available during North and South American time zones. Therefore, you will no longer have to stay up late at night fruitlessly negotiating with suppliers.

Eric is fluent in both English and Spanish and has great experience working with our Chinese staff. Eric’s ability to foster seamless communication between company and client eliminates miscommunication due to translation errors.

His dedication to honesty and customer service is how Eric ultimately earned his position with SSMagnets & Metals and embodies our company’s values.