Frequently Purchased

Name Badge

Strong neodymium magnetic name badges! All shapes and sizes!

Neodymium Magnets USA

Neodymium Blocks

Extremely strong neodymium blocks in all shapes and sizes and grade.

Fishing Magnets USA

Fishing Magnet

You honestly will not believe the price we sell these mangets. We also provide the whole kit, rope, carabiner, and packaged!

What is your brand? We can slap a sticker with your label on it!

Ferrite Rings Electric Motor Magnets Speaker Magnets

Speaker Magnets

Looking for high quality speaker magnets? Contact us! Ferrite or Neodymium at custom sizes, grades, and strengths.

AlNiCo Magnets Factory

Alinco Button Magnets

Alinco Button Magnets according to your diagram or just ask for what we currently stock.

Rubber Magnets Refrigerator Magnetic Strip Manufacturer

Rubber Magnets

Rubber magnets with double sided tape.

Amazon Magnet Factory

Cylinder Magnets

Cylinder magnets to you specifications. We offer custom packaging!

Arc Magnets Factory Manufacturer

Ferrite Arc Magnets

Ferrite Arc magnets per customer request.

SmCo Magnets Manufacturer Factory Scientific

Trapezoid Magnets for NMR

With over 5 years of experience in creating magnets for NMR machines we can produly state that we are professionals! Don't worry we'll assemble them too.

Permanent Magnets Fishing Magnets

Magnetic Lifters

Extremely strong lifters with easy release. Want your company logo on it? Simple just let us know!

Neodymium Hook Magnets

Neodymium Hooks

Small yet mighty! These are sought out for use from the kitchen to the garage. Low prices yet high strength!

Buckey Balls

216pc Magnetic Cube

Magnetic cubes of 5mm balls with tin packaging ready to private label.